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Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted2019-11-14Conflict between 2.9.1 and 2.10.2 re simple command terminator
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-14Parameter name in RATIONALE example doesn't match name in code body
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2020-04-29"echo" specification doesn't reflect current implementations (missing -e, -E and - handling)
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2021-05-07Add an API to query the name of a locale category of a locale object
   00012193[1003.1(2008)/Issue 7]
System Interfaces
ObjectionApplied (ajosey)Accepted As Marked2022-08-05snprintf reequirement to fail when n > INT_MAX conflicts with C
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2021-05-07Add reallocarray()
   0001217 [1003.1(2016/18)/Issue7+TC2]
Shell and Utilities
CommentAppliedAccepted2020-04-29ls missing support for sockets
System Interfaces
CommentApplied (ajosey)Accepted As Marked2021-05-10Adding clockid parameter to functions that accept absolute struct timespec timeouts
   0001215 [1003.1(2016/18)/Issue7+TC2]
System Interfaces
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2019-11-14XSI shading on text about abnormal termination with actions
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-12remove claim about pthread_kill behavior when sig is 0?
   0001213 [1003.1(2016/18)/Issue7+TC2]
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted2019-11-12Typos in character constants in strtod() APPLICATON USAGE example.
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2020-04-27Enhance trap command
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-12"trap" (with no args) specification does not match reality
System Interfaces
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2019-11-13FTW_MOUNT and symbolic links to directories on other file systems
Shell and Utilities
EditorialApplied (ajosey)Accepted2021-06-24printf example for numeric value of character is wrong
System Interfaces
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2023-04-19calling chdir as part of posix_spawn
   0001207 [1003.1(2016/18)/Issue7+TC2]
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2019-11-12"set -o option" should be mandatory, not UP
Base Definitions and Headers
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-13Incorrect specification of printf %%
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-12-04Vague wording as to the validity of s/RE command without trailing delimiter and replacement
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted2019-11-12fcntl return value inconsistent wording
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-12printf %.Nb with \c in arg (more than N chars into arg) behaviour unclear
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-12Atomicity requirements for sigsuspend
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-12Mismatch in parameter names in ELOOP entry in ERRORS section on various pages
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2020-04-27strfmon, if standards compliant, produces highly misleading results
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-12Comparison of numeric string values in awk
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-12Improved grammar regarding fread return value
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-12main() should be main(void)
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-08sh: mention historic function body in APPLICATION USAGE
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2022-08-05Brace expansion and {var}>file redirects in the shell
System Interfaces
CommentAppliedAccepted As Marked2020-04-27Formally obsolete the DES encryption functions 'encrypt' and 'setkey'
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-08The list of special characters in 2.2 is missing '-' and '!'
Base Definitions and Headers
CommentAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-12-12backslash has two special meanings in the shell and only loses one of them in bracket expressions
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-08sigaltstack ss->ss_flags cannot contain extension flags
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-08pselect specification allows for race condition that pselect was created to avoid
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2020-04-27Additional 3rd option for getting line size.
   0001183 [1003.1(2016/18)/Issue7+TC2]
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted2019-11-08non-full filename typo
Base Definitions and Headers
EditorialAppliedAccepted2019-11-08Code example for getopt usage has mismatched brackets wth no final bracket for main()
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-08atan2: Description of IEC 60559 Floating-Point option is unclear
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted2019-11-08mailx file operand description refers to a file option-argument
   0001175 [1003.1(2016/18)/Issue7+TC2]
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2019-11-08s/uid/user/ in "ps" example
System Interfaces
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-08scanf("%mc") contradiction
Shell and Utilities
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-08shell tilde expansion. Clarify ~"user" ~user@domain ~$user ~$(logname) ~-1...
Base Definitions and Headers
ObjectionAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-08<sys/select.h> doesn’t allow to include <sys/time.h> namespace anymore
System Interfaces
ObjectionAppliedAccepted2019-11-08Redundant statement that ftruncate() fails on directories
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-08Does pthread_detach make a thread non-joinable?
System Interfaces
CommentAppliedAccepted As Marked2020-04-27Case variants needed for strftime %b as well as %B
System Interfaces
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-07fscanf omits carriage in the list of white space character directives
   00011621[1003.1(2008)/Issue 7]
System Interfaces
EditorialApplied (ajosey)Accepted As Marked2019-11-07EOWNERDEAD must have precedence over ETIMEDOUT
Shell and Utilities
EditorialAppliedAccepted As Marked2019-11-07command -v must find something executable
Shell and Utilities
EditorialApplied (ajosey)Accepted As Marked2019-12-04Is termination after receipt of SIGINT in dd(1) an error?
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