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0001330 [1003.1(2016/18)/Issue7+TC2] Base Definitions and Headers Editorial Enhancement Request 2020-03-31 15:53 2024-06-11 09:08
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Name Geoff Clare
Organization The Open Group
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Section many
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Final Accepted Text
Summary 0001330: Remove some of the OB shaded text
Description As part of the preparations for Issue 8 Draft 1 we need to decide which obsolescent features to remove and which to keep. The proposal in the desired action assumes that we want to remove everything that isn't in the current C2x draft standard. Note that asctime_r() and ctime_r() are not in C17 but they are in the current C2x draft. If we can persuade the C committee not to add them, then we can remove them from Issue 8.

We don't need to spell out the changes in detail with page and line numbers; the high level instructions in the desired action are sufficient.
Desired Action Keep the following functions:


and in their FUTURE DIRECTIONS sections after the statement that they may be removed in a future version, add "but not until after they have been removed from the ISO C standard".

Remove everything that is part of the STREAMS, Tracing, Batch Environment Services and Utilities, and FORTRAN Development options, including XSH 2.6 STREAMS, XSH 2.11 Tracing, XCU 3 Batch Environment Services, and XRAT B.2.6, B.2.11, and C.3.

Remove the following functions:


Remove the following headers entirely:


Remove the following from the indicated headers:

*_V6_* from <unistd.h> [also make *_V7_* obsolescent and add *_V8_*]
MAXFLOAT from <math.h>
P_tmpdir from <stdio.h>
SIG_HOLD and SIGPROF from <signal.h>
isw*(), towlower(), towupper(), and wctype() from <wchar.h>
itimerval, ITIMER_REAL, ITIMER_VIRTUAL, ITIMER_PROF from <sys/time.h>
pthread_atfork() and ctermid() ("may includes") from <unistd.h>
wctype_t from <wchar.h> [move the description to <wctype.h>]

Remove the following from the indicated function descriptions:

*_V6_* from confstr() [also make *_V7_* obsolescent and add *_V8_*]
*_V6_* from sysconf() [also make *_V7_* obsolescent and add *_V8_*]

Remove the following from the indicated utility descriptions:

-l trace and libtrace.a from c99 [before converting to a c17 or c2x page]
maketemp from m4
"expression1 -a expression2", "expression1 -o expression2", and "( expression )" from test

For each removed interface, remove all references to it, e.g. from notes in FUTURE DIRECTIONS section saying they may be removed, from the async-signal-safe list, the cancellation point lists, subprofiling groups, SEE ALSO entries, and pointer pages.
Tags issue8
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related to 0000837Closed 1003.1(2013)/Issue7+TC1 renumber section 2.13 to be 2.6 in Issue 8 

-  Notes
shware_systems (reporter)
2020-04-01 14:09

Where interfaces were required for XSI conformance, but were optional groups
for POSIX conformance, I think more would be happier if they stay in the standard as those groups, as a backwards compatibility consideration. What would be obsoleted is them being any requirement. It seems the only changes to source would be tests only on XOPEN_VERSION, to establish availability, would have to switch to POSIX_VERSION and individual group testing.
Don Cragun (manager)
2020-04-30 15:46

If the C committee decides to remove the functions that are being kept, a new bug will need to be filed to remove them from a future draft.

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