Help for opening an Issue in the Austin Group tracking tool, Mantis


Mantis is the defect tracker system for the Austin Group. It is used to collect written comments (defect reports) on specific documents. Defect reports should be phrased wherever possible in terms of specific wording changes. Comments submitted in this way can then be more easily discussed at relevant working group meetings, or voted on by email.

Mantis automatically processes comments submitted on the web at

Report Details

should be entered as follows:


Enter a precise description of the problem that explains why. Be sure to add sufficient explanation for someone not familiar with the problem to be able to make a decision.

For example:

Terms used in printf, scanf, and similar interface specs are not consistent. In various places the terms "conversion letter", "conversion specifier", and "conversion character" are used interchangeably. I believe the correct term is "conversion character", as defined on page 344, line 59.

Desired Action

Be specific. For example:

Change "leftmost character" to "first character in the string"

Another example:

Here and also at
page 344 line 52 section printf objection
page 344 line 53 section printf objection
page 346 line 92 section printf objection
page 381 line 40-41 section scanf objection
page 382 line 43 section scanf objection

Change "specifier" or "conversion specifier(s)" or
"conversion letter" to "conversion character(s)"

There may be cases where the originator feels unable to provide text, for example where a clarification is requested. In such cases there are two possibilities:

Wording can be improved at the resolution meeting, but there will not be time to create new wording, and no possibility of subsequent off-line text generation. To emphasize:

Formatting Tips

You can normally trust the editor to take care of formatting issues in such changes, including use of the correct font et cetera, unless there is something out of the ordinary.
Please DO NOT USE TABS, nor indent your text unnecessarily.

Here are the HTML and Mantis formatting cues, that can be used in any Text Box (Description, Desired Action, Notes):

---Your Editors